29 April 2011

Pretoriuskop KNP

Co-ordinates S25deg. 10.120min  E31deg. 16.080min.

Picked up caravan at storage at 08h00 steadies up and on the road, arrived at Pretoriuskop after a short tow of 18Km. By 09h30 we had a site and started packing our clothes and groceries into the van, transferred the meat from the portable car fridge to the caravan fridge. Charging battery and and filling water for loo etc.
Went for a short drive, the grass is very long, in an hour we saw only 4 mammals. Impala, Giraffe, Dwarf mongoose and a Baboon. Microwave dinner as to lazy to make a fire for a braai.
Having trouble uploading photos, not sure what the problem is so please be patient until I solve the problem.

Hooking up the caravan at storage facility

Temporary camp site at Pretoiuskop

Long Grass difficult to spot, need a double decker bus to see over

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AnnieInIsrael said...

Hey. Had an awesome family breakfast - or so the birthday boy said! Missed you guys!

Love Celeste