23 June 2011

Kim and Stella

Cubs adventuring out of there den
 We fetched Kim and Stella from Hoedspruit airport on Tuesday, Peter is arriving on Friday and will spend until the 30 June with us. We then move to Berg & Dal where we stay in the bungaloes for 2 nights and then leave for home. Kim and Peter will stay on for 5 nights and take the caravan back to storage until we come again next year.

True to form Kim chose the road to travel on the first morning out and found these beautiful lionesses with 7 cubs on the S90

Relaxing with mom

Starting young, sun-downers at Girivana waterhole.

Breakfast at Nwanedzi

20 June 2011

More fence action

Tonight while we were braaing a small herd of Buffalo grazed at the fence, one was particularly tame and came and grazed next to where we were standing, amazing....where else in the world can you get so close to a wild african buffalo?

Inches from our caravan


19 June 2011

Drama at the fence

Last night while we were having our braai we heard a commotion at the fence, the Hyaenas were making a lot of noise, through the spot lights we saw the Hyaena feeding on something quite large, shortly after we heard some loud growls. What had happened is that a Leopard had made a kill and was dragging the kill to the nearest tree when the fence Hyaenas came across the Leopard and robbed him of his kill, we heard the Leopard growl several times. We could not identify what the kill was and in the morning there was nothing left.