18 June 2011


Saw these lions on the S100....they were relaxing while looking out for game. The one lioness was resting next to a car, in the car's shade...the couple in the car got hot but did not want to move because the lioness was half asleep, not a worry in the world :)

15 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse 15 June 2011

As seen from our camp site at Satara

Full Moon 17h20

Start 20h33



Reached peak or max at 22h14

Wednesday 15 June

Does anybody have a hotline to Vodacom?  There is only 2G or GPRS available at Satara which is making updating of the blog very time consuming, it is taking 20 to 30 min to upload a 150 Kb photo, so apologies we are not posting everything we want to.

Quintin, Celeste and Natasha left on Tuesday 14/06/11 after spending 5 nights with us, it was great to have them and show Natasha the animals, she can already name most of them on seeing them. We got 4 of the big 5, only missing the elusive leopard. Murphy's law and the first sighting this morning was a Leopard.

The crowds are arriving for the long weekend so we are preparing ourselves for a busy time.

Lunar eclipse
there is an eclipse tonight
Moonrise where we are is at 16h56 and the moon will be full at 20h14.
the eclipse will start at midnight, we will be up and watching.

Around the fire

Hyaena (booitjie) eyeing Natasha

Chasing guinea fowl near Nesamani dam

3 legged jackal on the S90

Natasha and friend Hannah

Leopard seen 150611 just past Girivani on way to Timbavati
we spent about 2 hours near a herd of Impala which we thougt the leopard was stalking