26 May 2011

Africa Day 25 May

Great day, it was also the first day that we saw all of the Big 5 in one day/morning drive.
Left at 06h00 to do our favourite road the S21, true to form just at the beginning of the S21 we found a pair of mating Lion.
Had some coffee and rusks and carried on along the S21, at the N'watimhiri windmills we found the Leopard on the rocks.
Turned south along the S114 and took the S23 Biyamiti Loop along the river where we picked up the Buffalo and elephant.
Returned to Lower Sabie via the S26 Bume road to the Tar H4-2 turned onto the S130 on the northern side, where we found the Rhino at our favourite Pan.

mud bath

23 May 2011

Road rage in Kruger

Road rage in Kruger
This is what this noobab thought of me when I drove past. Thanks for the photo Kerry.

 A more relaxed mother and child with another youngster

Can the Birders out there help us identify this bird?
Two of these arrived with the other at the water bath we put out and were with some Laughing doves, we thought that it is a variant of the Laughing dove but they would not tolerate them anywhere near, it seems to have a different beak and completely different colouring.

Can't hold any more crossed leg

Bombs away

The one elephant is not happy with the other having
a mud bath and is trying to lift it.

Reflections early morning