02 May 2011

Lower Sabie 1 May to 31 May

Co-ordinates of camp site S25.12014  E31.91617Elevation 162 metres
Left Pretoriuskop at 06h30 and arrived at Lower Sabie at 08h30. We got a great site which went open on the morning, Corrie put a table and chair on the site to reserve it for us before they went on their morning drive. Spent the day getting organised, put up the full tent as we are staying for 30 days. Got the satellite dish aligned correctly, to watch TV. All the old campers are here again and it was good to renew acquaintances.
After a light dinner done in the microwave we retired early as we were both tired from all the hard work. We were serenaded by Lions roaring within meters of the gate. This carried on until late at night. Last year we spent almost 3 months in the park and only heard Lions roaring once. What a welcome to Lower Sabie.

Lower sabie Camp site

Braai boma added

2 May
Slept late and went for breakfast at the restaurant. Pottered around camp, high tea with the Retief's before going on our first real game drive. This place never ceases to amaze me, you never know whats around the corner. Those of you that followed our 2010 blog will recall how we battled to see Cheetah, in 90 days we briefly saw the backside of one. Our first real big tick of the trip is this magnificent Cheetah on the Mlondozi Rd. ( S25.04687 E31.93287)

Calling for its mate
If this is the start it bodes well for the rest of our stay here.
First Braai in our boma.
Lettie watching 'Brothers and Sisters' while I follow the Bin Ladin storey.
Hope the LION roars again tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your site looks fit for a king - you should sell up in Ajax Way ! Kerry

Kowalski's said...

Hi guys - Campsite looks good - which one is my room!!!!

Great Cheetah sighting - hopefully when we are there the Lions don't wake Stella up!!

Spot the animal - FAR to easy - Bobbejan klim die berg!!

Anonymous said...

Just missed you guys - Left on the 29th. Have a great stay and best wishes.


First Team Members said...

Where the lions


Andrew (Rogie) and Lettie said...

Hi Hamish
Good to hear from you, sorry we missed you,next time


Anonymous said...

Andrew, please check your given co ordinates. They place you on a road in the middle of nowhere. Kerry

Andrew (Rogie) and Lettie said...

Hi Kerry
Well spotted the correct co-ordinates are done for Lower Sabie
The Co-ords I gave are for Jocks birthplace.