29 May 2011

Our last daty at Lower Sabie.

Left camp at 6-15am to go for our last morning drive.  As we turned onto the road from camp, a few paces down we saw these two Hyena's carrying a piece of meat, stopping to nibble on it every now and then...the one grabbed and started to run away with the meat and the other one running and whining behind him.

We drove on pass Sunset Dam towards the S21 to go and have our coffee and rusks at the little pan for the last time....but we never got there :) 3,5 klm from Lower Sabie these Lions came running onto the road, we had them to ourselves for at least an 1/2 hour before another car came. The Lions were on the hunt...they first chased a Buffalo but it managed to run away from them....then they saw a Kudu, chased it but it ran towards the river into the reeds. They then decided to carry on strolling towards Lower Sabie all the while looking for prey. They then decided it was rest time and veered off towards the river edge and lay down while looking around for prey. We had our coffee and rusks while they were resting.  Wow what a nice "last" morning drive at Lower Sabie.

Lion early morning protest march they had the right to the road

We came back to camp at 8 and started to pack. Nonnie decided to go and look for them while we were packing. She saw one of the males take a impala..she is sure that they took down more impala's as she could hear the destress call of the impala's.

After we packed and showered we took a last drive to go and see if we could see them again. They were resting on the other side of the road now' all huddling together. Maybe we will hear them roaring tonight.

Had supper at the Take Away. Nothing to rave about....a bit dissappointing :(

Leaving early for Satara tommorrow.

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