30 May 2011

Satara 30 May to 30 June 2011

Steadies up at 05h45 on the road at 06h00 in the hope of getting there early to get a good site at the fence.
Arrived at Satara at 07h50 only to find the fence sites occupied with no one leaving, drove around hoping that someone would pack up. Got a great site with a lot of privacy in front of the Frenkel cottage.
We took a walk along the fence and asked when people were leaving, a great site is going open on the 3 June which we have secured and will move some of our things on Thursday and the caravan on Friday.
We have put up very little and only unpacked the essentials, but hey if we have to wait for 4 nights to secure a good sight for the rest of the month. Quintin, Celeste and Natasha are joining us from the 9th June for 5 nights,  Kim, Peter and Stella are Joining us from the 21st June until we leave when they will stay on for a while and park the caravan, so it is important to get to the fence. We cant wait to see our family and grandchildren.

We took a late afternoon drive to Nsemani dam, at the dam on the side of the road we found some Lion, A bit further on there were more Lion lying in the middle of the road causing a huge traffic jam. Every thing happens at Satara.
Met up with the Vrystaters who we had not seen since last year, also went to greet our neighbours from Lower Sabie who had moved up earlier. It is amazing that every year the same groups of people all meet up somewhere in the park, nothing planned just passionate about nature and conservation, after a short "how are you " the conversation quickly changes to bush tales and sighting reports. Great to meet up and see everyone again.
Satara does not have 3G like the other camps and is still working at the snail pace 2G so the uploading of pics is going to be limited to the really special ones as it takes forever.

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Celeste said...

We are very excited. Q because he knows what's waiting, me because I don't and Tashie - well Oumie, Pa, the aeroplane and the animals - what more could she want. C XX