02 June 2011

Waiting Patiently

At last, we move tomorrow to our site against the fence which we have been waiting patiently for 4 nights to be vacated. Coincidentaly the present occupant's were at Letaba the same time as we were last year. They know Bill and Yvonne as well as Pat and Gale we were all in a larger together and had a lot of fun.
We have already moved a few things across, table and chairs, gas bottles, dish washing rack, all to secure the site and make sure nobody sneaks in on us. We will be hooked up and standing by at 06h00, they plan to leave at 06h30.

Our Temporary site, nice but have to get to the fence to show the visitors

Sadlebill with juveniles on the S90

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Anonymous said...

i marvel at your kruger trip,please keep on satisfying our passion for the kruger with your lovely pics and report,hoping to meet up with you,when we in satara around 24 june 2011.