04 June 2011

New Site Satara

Sunrise 3 June Before canvas up
Sunset after Canvas up

Co-ordinates of our new site S24.39223 E31.77506

Quintin and Celeste, Kim and Peter, the add-a-room is up and waiting for you.

This is a view to show you what you can look forward to, great big site at the fence. Looking forward to braai with the Hyenas patrolling alongside, we have already seen a variety of game from the fence. This is the best site we have had in all the years we have been coming to the park.

Nothing really exciting on the game watching side, will do some serious spotting next week. 
Satelite dish is up and will be enjoying the sport this weekend

I also want to congratulate Smug's on winning the "Ryder Cup", I saw the results on CNN, this is despite not having your number one player (me) available, well done!
I also want to wish you all good golfing and friendship on your tour to the Wilderness, I am so sorry that I am missing the tour. I will be watching the local press for the results and any misbehaviour at the taverns and nightclubs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Both.

There is only one "street view" of Satara on Google Earth and it happens to be EXACTLY at the very spot where you have set up camp. What an amazing co-incidence. The street view gives a full 360 degree of the area immediately around you - facinating. Go easy on the rusks - they are the Hyena's favourite snack ! Kerry