06 June 2011

Sunday 5 June

What a day, left camp at 06h15 to take the S90, this road is hot at the moment. Our first sighting was of a pair of  lionesses stalking a Wildebees, they failed to get anywhere near the Wildebees and went to lie in the long grass where they would spend the day.

Sisters hunting shoulder to shoulder

Wildebees in the distance

After having coffee we drove on and found a huge herd of Buffalo, it is difficult to estimate how many, at least 400 plus, we sat there in awe as they took at least an hour to pass within inches of our vehicle.

Mom and young

We came across the 2nd pride of Lion for the morning at Gudzane east waterhole. The pride was seen drinking and was reported to be 20 strong. We missed the main group but came across this magnificent male only 5 meters from our car, we were alone with him for a while until a car came along with a passenger hanging out the window, the lion got a fright and ran off into the thicket never to be seen again. One person spoils it for everyone.

On the same road we saw Rhino and Elephant to get 4 of the big 5.

We returned to camp and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before taking an afternoon drive to Girivani waterhole where we had sun downers, just before we were about to leave this Cheetah made its appearance

We also enjoyed watching this large herd of Giraffe around the waterhole, they were very playful, chasing each other and necking in typical Giraffe ways.

What a day, it is days like this that keeps our passion for Kruger alive, and keeps us returning year after year.


Anonymous said...

Awesome,you seem to have had a great day,please keep the pics and posts coming.


Anonymous said...

Eisssh ! What a day. Kerry