17 May 2011

Rhino day

Sunrise Lower Sabie Bridge 17 May 2011
  Found this wonderful pan on the S28 about 12km from Lower Sabie. We heard that there were Lions there and left early to see if we could spot them, no luck. We decided to return in the afternoon and spend the whole afternoon there. Great Spot we sat in the car watching 4 rhino come along, warthog, impala another rhino with calf and elephant. We could hear lion feeding and stayed there until the last minute hoping they would come to drink. We will make this a regular spot for sun downers.

Rhino with Red Billed Ox Pecker

Confrontation Elephant with Rhino and calf

Rhino wins

Rhino Charges with calf behind


His my brother

Juvenile Bateleur

Elephant trying to read the Tree no and type, can you?

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Celeste said...

Tasha and I are regularly following your blog. Tashie wants to know if Oumie and Pa aren't scared of the big animals? :). She is also asking why there are so few pictures of Pa. So could you perhaps take a picture of each of you and post it on the blog.
Love from all of us. Cxx