18 May 2011


This blog post is for Natasha (our granddaughter) who has asked (via the comments) that we post more photos of ourselves and not to many animals.....We cant wait until you are old enough to come with us so that we can nurture a love for all creatures and the environment.
Stella (9 months) will be joining us for her first visit to Kruger with Kim in June. Quintin and Kim were 6 months old when we brought them to Kruger for the first time.
We hope to get the boys here as well. Victoria came when she was 6 years old.

Pa & Oumie

Saw this lion early this morning at a pan on the S21, while we had our coffee & rusks, they came out roaring and marking their territory, Awesome experience!


roaring and marking a bush...

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Tashie and her mom said...

Translated directly from Tashie "Hi Oumie and Pa. I can't wait to come when tashie's big. Why only when I am big? (Mom smiling now). I want to come with. (okay so we get that part now!) I love you. Say I miss them"

Just got back from the paed. She is sick again :( He has given a script for antibiotics etc and also an chronic asthma pump . Three bronchitis in 5 weeks... Miss u guys love Celeste