19 May 2011

The Masterpiece

It has taken me nearly 3 weeks to complete

Zebra Feeding
Oil on Canvas 500x400

Original photo from which was painted
 You can bid by comment any criticism will be welcome


Damian J de Klerk said...

Hi Oumie and Pa. Looks like you guys are really enjoying the Kruger. I'm so jealous. We are starting exams in the next week. Pictures look great. The variety of wildlife is quite magnificent. The Zebra painting is really good! I thought it was a photo! The lions look awesome! You can truly see why they are called the kings of Africa.

Hope you guys are enjoying your holiday. Stay safe.

Kowalski's said...

Wow Dad, Think this one is your best yet!

Anonymous said...

Rogie - you are truly multi - talented.


Andrew (Rogie) and Lettie said...

Thanks Hamish

Make an offer Best regards