21 May 2011

Save the Rhino

Black rhino

We were extremely privileged to see and photograph this black rhino near Lower Sabie. They are rare and endangered and when seen normally run off before you are able to take a photo.
On average every 20 min a Rhino is being slaughtered for its horn in Southern Africa in the most gruesome way. Look at some of the photos on this web site
Two very committed gentlemen are walking from Musina to Cape Town to raise awareness of the wholesale slaughter of our Rhino
Please support them by logging onto the web site, leave a message of support or better still make a donation, I have.
White Rhino

Your help is needed, we can make a difference, we must make sure that our grandchildren and future generations will be able to see wild Rhino roaming free in Africa.
Paul Jennings and Sboniso Phakathi are doing there bit, do yours.
On Saturday 2nd of April 2011 Dr Player hosted Sboniso Phakathi and Paul Jennings ahead of their walk from Musina to Cape Town to highlight the plight of our Rhino populations in S.A. Dr Players message was :” We all share this earth and evolved together. We all have an equal right to a place under the Sun and that all wild creatures are mans brothers and sisters.” Dr Player went on to wish Paul and Sboniso well on their trip and said “It is imperative that the plight of these animals is brought into the spotlight, and the Rights for Rhinos walk will achieve this.”

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