08 May 2011

Saturday 070511

Went south along the tar H4-2 turned onto the H5, left onto the S108 and then onto the S25 to Crocodile Bridge where we had a picnic breakfast.
Returned to Lower Sabie via the S28 Halfway along this road we picked up a lone Cheetah standing on a tree stump. We mark all our Lion, Leopard and Cheetah sightings on the GPS and this Cheetah was on the exact spot we saw one in 2009 and presume it is the same one.
We share some of the smaller creatures we saw with you.

And the Larger

I intend painting this Zebra watch the paintings page
This is the 3rd Cheetah so far. Last year we saw one fleetingly in 90 days.


Celeste Rogers said...

Happy Mothers Day. Hope that you were spoiled by PA Snr.

Love Celeste

Andrew (Rogie) and Lettie said...

Thank you....yes got spoiled...was taken for breakfast and 2night he made a yummie supper :)

Anonymous said...

Some lovely photo's! You seem to be on the Cheetah trail this year. How lucky! Hamish