10 May 2011

We had a thunderstorm on Saturday night, lightning struck within metres of our camp site, fortunately we unplugged our appliances, TV, decoder and computer, others were not so lucky and now have broken TV's and decoders. Our electrical box tripped, that was all.

Mothers Day
I treated mom to breakfast on the deck at Lower Sabie, stayed in camp for the day, went out late to see if we could see that Leopard that everyone seems to have seen, beside us... no luck. Fish and Risotto for dinner.

Monday we travelled up the tar  H10 to Tshokwane and returned via the H1-2 and H4-1. Went into Leeupan, lots of game around.
Tried to spot Sable at Jones dam, only Waterbuck
Lots of Vulture on an old kill on the loop at Mantimahale dam. did not see the 6 lions that were spotted by others.
Added Nyala to our list

showing off at Leeupan

Vulture in flight

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a great Mother's Day! glad you didn't suffer any damage in the storm, wise to unplug!!
Love the pic of the Baboon.

Good luck further with the sightings.