10 May 2011

Leopard Day

Spent most of the day in camp, cleaning and maintenance. Made a liquid feeder out of a small water bottle, some Pratley putty and silicone, filled with sugar water and hung in tree to see if we can attract some sun birds.
Gerald, Michelle (“Sister”) and Wade came from Kruger Lodge to visit and buy us lunch on the deck at Lower Sabie, good to see my ‘sister’ again and thanks for the lunch.

Late afternoon drive, we went on the tar (H4-1) towards Skukusa , on the bridge over the N’watimhiri river, just past the S21 turnoff we found this Leopard in the river bed. First it was lying on the right hand side and then it moved under the bridge to the left hand side where it lay and rolled in the sand below us before moving off into the reeds. It was now 17h10 allowing us 20 minutes to do the 14Km to Lower Sabie. We took a Ginger Beer and an ice-cream with and made floats which we enjoyed in between taking over a 100 photos of the Leopard.

Look at the fangs

Watching us on the bridge

paw on rock
To much to eat at lunch so only a salad for dinner, lovely evening, Lions roaring near camp and Hyaena laughing as well, another hell of a day in Africa.

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