12 May 2011

Slender mongoose
 At first we thought these were Dwarf mongoose as they are small and always in colonies. After watching them for a while to our surprise we realized that they were Slender mongoose. We have only seen Slender Mongoose singularly and then fleetingly as they are always on the move.

Dwarf Mongoose
We have seen 4 different cheetah in different locations since we have been here.

We have only seen Lion once which is unusual for us.

We have not seen any large herds of Buffalo in the area, nor any large herds of Zebra and Wildebeest, might be the reason for the lack of Lion in the area

Cheetah marking its territory Bume Rd near Mpondo dam

Sundowners 12/5/11


Anonymous said...

I quote on Natashas behalf "Tashie will come with you next time." Love all of us.

Andrew (Rogie) and Lettie said...

We cannot wait to bring her with next time...to show her the monkeys and elephants..lions...
Big hug and kiss to you all.

lots of love from us:)